Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Playing with mommy

I do love to play. Lilly pays the most attention to me -- maybe because she's not as interested in running around and roughhousing with the older boys -- I can't even imagine when I'll ever be fast enough to keep up with them! No, Lilly suits me much better right now. Although she can be a bit rough, too. Still, I don't mind much. Mom thinks I'm just about the cutest, most interactive baby in the world! And if you ask me, she's right (although I'm not going to be the one to tell her that Ethan, Isaac, and Lilly all went through this phase, too)!

Meanwhile, I’m tearing up the house with my walking now, even climbing up stairs now (although descending stairs is entirely another matter). I’m especially good at running around corners in a Kramer-esque sort of way, although I’m not sure he used to drool as much as I do.

I got to go camping for the first time a couple of weeks ago! I missed out on some of the activities – I was asleep during the campfire, for instance, but I really loved being in the great outdoors all the time! Mama and yeye were kind enough to give us their big tent, and there was enough room in there for dad, Ethan, Isaac, me, AND my portacrib! Of course, my blankets weren’t warm enough and in the middle of the night dad had to put me in his sleeping bag to keep me warm. I pretty much took over the sleeping bag from there, pushing dad off the foam pad onto the ground – I was pretty comfortable, but dad probably didn’t sleep very well!

Mom loves how interactive I’m starting to get – my favorite games involve gesturing and vocalizing (clapping, cupping my ears, saying “dada” on cue), making loud sounds for no apparent reason, and being chased around the house. Everyone finds my funny sounds and gestures are so endearing!


the man said...

very cute! glad to see you are loving your video camera!

nana said...

great laugh! i love it!

andrew said...

Great stuff! Looks like a lot of fun!

andrew said...

Can't wait to see James again and play with him some more!

Baileys said...

I'm so envious that you wen't camping recently. I've been trying to convince Nathan to take us camping, but no, he says it's too hot and humid. I'm sure he's right, but I'm dying to be near a campfire.